EO_Regions_Science Project

Joost Wellens, chargé de recherche
Courriel: Joost.Wellens@ulg.ac.be

Aziz Diouf, responsable CSE (Centre de Suivi Ecologique, Dakar, Sénégal)
Courriel: Aziz.Diouf@cse.sn

Financement: STEREO III – BELSPO

Partners: ULg – Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL); ULg – Unité de Géomatique (UG); Ecole Royale Militaire (ERM); ULg – Unité Eau, Environnement, Développement (EED); Institut Scientifique de Service Public (ISSeP)

EO_Regions_Science proposal is a consistent and coordinated set of basic research activities in support to the EO_Regions! project that was submitted in the context of the 13th call of the Plan Marshall 2022- Pôle Skywin of the Walloon Region: “EO_Regions! Le développement de la chaîne de valeurs des savoir-faire wallons pour la valorisation des services d’observation de la terre dans COPERNICUS et le monitoring dynamique des territoires à l’échelle des régions. ».

The objective of EO_Regions! Project is the development of the value chain of the Walloon know-how, for the exploitation of Earth observation services in the Copernicus program and the dynamic monitoring of territories at regional scale.

EED’s added contribution will be its extended African network and yield forecasting expertise assimilating EO data into crop growth models. As a Technology Showcase, combining the partners and Spacebel presented know-how an operational yield forecasting tool will be developed for the case of Senegal. The objective of this activity is to integrate Sentinel-1 radar (SAR) and Sentinel-2 (optical) data into the AquaCrop model and broaden the forecasting technique to a different region, out of Belgium (Senegal). The Sentinel-1 data will considerably increase the observation time series and bypass harmful atmospheric conditions (dust and clouds), to which radar is insensitive. Applying these techniques in a completely different regional setting will guarantee its robustness and prove its potential worldwide applicability.

The other mean research topics concentrate on:
- Corner reflectors as permanent scatterers for terrain displacement detection and monitoring (ULg-CSL);
- Change indicators toolbox (ERM);
- Ontology developments and links by reasoning algorithms (ULg-UGEOM);
- Consolidation of EO data and products potential for the users and applications targeted by EO Regions! (ISSeP).