The unit “Eau – Environnement – Développement” is involved in research and teaching activities in the area of the characterization and management of water resources and agriculture, especially in the context of developing countries. Two main axis are developed: the analysis and development of integrated water management systems (research group GIRE) and the study of the relationships between atmospheric conditions and crop growth and development (research group in agrometeorology)

The unit is leading the coordination of the M.Sc. in science and management in developing countries and is taking part in various teaching programs (Master en Sciences et Gestion de l’Environnement, Master Complémentaire en Gestion des Risques Naturels, Master en Sciences Géographiques, orientation Climatologie).

Head of the unit

Bernard TYCHON, Chargé de cours (Bernard.Tychon@ULiege.be)


Antoine DENIS (Antoine.Denis@ULiege.be)

Fouad ZOUHIR (Fouad.Zouhir@ULiege.be)